Technical features

Characteristics to optimize the use of the transfoil and the metallic foils /lacquers

Characteristics of the transfoil and the metal foil

Film transfer suitable to be ennobling for textile surfaces, natural leathers, synthetic leathers in this sector:

  • Clothing
  • Footwear
  • Leather goods shop
  • Small leather goods.

Comes the form of film polyester bi-oriented on which is applied a transparent and lucid printing design suitable for the transfer in case of transfoil, and colorful and uniform in case of single color metal foil, or not uniform in case of design metal foil.
Then the application of transfoil, if you want to give a tint will be applied in turn a colored laminae that can be colored metallized shiny, matt or neutral in case of lacquer film.
The current range of transfoil presents a series of designs available to customers with the ability to realize exclusive drawings upon customer’s request.

The transfoil is provided in:

  • Rolls of 200 mt. linear
  • Weight 1500 mm.
  • Packaging in boxes

The lacquers films are provided in:

  • Rolls of 500/1000 mt. linear
  • Weight 1500 mm.
  • Packaging in boxes

Note: the rolls are packaged individually in boxes: it is recommended to keep them dry, away from heat and in their original packaging.

Tips for the use

The application of these products can be divided into four phases essential:

  • Overlapping the film on the support to ennoble trying not to form tensions between the film and the support;
  • Transfer of the adhesive with the termic process under pressure.
    Remember that the transfer’s parameters (temperature, pressure and time) can vary depending on the application method and supports.
    In principle, we can give you the following parameters of application by us tested but to be verified by you according to your technologies and your supports:
    PRESSURE: 3KG/cm²
    TIME: 10/15 SECONDS
  • Energetic cooling.
  • Detachment of the polyester’s support not less then 24 hours after the coupling in order to get a high index of brilliance of the finished product.

Recommendation for washing only transfoil

Wet up 40° Wet up 40°
Ok dry Ok dry
No board No board
Drying at low temperature Drying at low temperature

Recommendation for washing with metal film applicated

Wet up 40° Wet up 40°
No dry cleaning No dry cleaning
No board No board
Drying at low temperature Drying at low temperature

Note: the laminae that will be normally used are NON suitable for dry cleaning, but there are suitable laminae for a dry cleaning that can be request by the customer (metallics foils LS).
Note: all the information here contained are based on the basis of the best knowledge in our possession. This information are provided only for planning purpose and only for make experiments that you feel usefull to determine the adaptability of our products to the specific use to which you have them intended.
We don’t give any warranty, and we don’t assume any responsibility for your use of this information.


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